Thursday, March 24, 2016

New DAD blog

Ok…I’ll just say it.
I love dads!
Starting a blog about Dads can be daunting.  I’m not a dad, I have never been a dad, I will never be a dad…but I had a dad, my husband is a dad, and my sons are now becoming dads.  I’m  surrounded with great examples of involved, caring, loving dads  and I want to celebrate that.

I found myself looking for and then really searching out pics of happy dads and kids on photographer sites.  It just warmed my soul.   This is a crazy, scary world sometimes with so much tragedy and senseless violence and poor role models and well, you know?   So having something as beautiful as a new baby in a father’s arms is just THE BEST.   I found that there is universal feeling and pictures around the world of dad’s and babies, dads and kids, dads and grand dads, father’s of the bride ..3 and 4 generations of dad pictures and every single pic from USA to Argentina, from Germany to Japan just warms the cockles of my proverbial heart.  
So I want to share that all with you.

This is my youngest son, Monson.  He became a new dad in October…and he has taken to this task, as a fish does to water.  He is one of the new breeds of "hands on dads" which I really do and I’m sure his wife really does appreciate.  
Seeing these first pics of the joy of fatherhood on his face was a tear jerker moment for me.
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