Friday, March 25, 2016

Flying High Friday

Global truth...Dads love throwing their kids in the air and most mom's hate it.  Well may be not hate it, but at least cringe, or get a wee bit nervous that the catch is not going to happen.   The kids have a joy on their faces that is indescribable and absolute trust is happening.  
I wonder what that would feel like? I know my dad tossed me, but I don't remember.
 It seems we spend the rest of out adult years trying to get that feeling of absolute freedom and joy and trust back.....always searching. 
  I think the thrill and the search  got imprinted on us when our dad's threw us in the air.  

 As I've looked at photo blogs around the world, there are tons of pics of dads from Paris to Tokyo, Huntsville Alabama to Ayr Scotland with dads launching their kids.

This is my son throwing his son... the circle of life?

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