Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dads are great... Grand dads are better!

My honey loves being a dad...and really did/does a great job.  But seeing him around the grand kids is just priceless.  Its fun for me to watch him and his man friends all turn into grandpas.  I can't believe the joy they show and share on behalf of their grand children.

Alfie has Wayne totally wrapped.  Alfie calls Wayne, Papa.  Papa  is determined to get Alfie on his motorcycle by the end of the summer. Alfie is pretty cautious and nervous about the big machine in the garage.  Wayne takes him out every time he comes and says, " this is Papa's motorcycle."  He has let him get used to it in stages.  Looking at it from afar, touching it, sitting on it, having it turned on and just listening to the engine roar, putting on a helmet and wearing it around the house...and having him watch Papa ride it.  I believe it will happen just like Wayne hopes.

Papa got Alfie a remote control car before Alf could even walk.  Alfie was TERRIFIED of it...and the joy we hoped for on Christmas morn, didn't happen.  It took months for Papa to work the care and Alf to learn to love it and not be afraid of it.  Papa won out, and now Alf thinks he is the master of that car.

Papa will get on his hands and knees and play pony with Alf.  Play cars with him for hours. Jump on the tramp with him.  Go to the park and push him on a swing.   Give him candy, cookies, or his favorite string cheese.   Alf has Papa wrapped around his finger.   It really is fun to watch.

I'm sure this just doesn't happen in my home but all over the world.

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